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Alcohol and Thujone in Absinthe

-- By  John Oliver in  Devon on Sun, 1 Apr 2007 at 07:57.

Yep, everybody tends to forget that absinthe is a high proof alcoholic beverage. The herbal flavour, and the chilled water, actually tend to mask the alcohol in real absinthe. In years gone by thujone was blamed for having an alleged pyshoactive effect. It is now thought that this is unlikely to be the case.

What are we left with? a refreshing high alcohol drink that will make you real drunk. What sets real absinthe apart - from say bourbon - is that you don't realise this as you drink it.

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Vintage bottles of alcohol-strong absinthe
There's a lot of alcohol in absinthe, so treat the Fairy with some respect! But, it seems, alcohol is not the only thing at work in a bottle of absinthe...

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