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Good Absinthe

-- By  Artimus in  US on Wed, 22 Aug 2007 at 06:13.

I have had good experiences with all absinthe. I have tried many many different kinds....French, Italian, Austrian, hungarian, czech, Spanish, etc. I liked them all in their own unique way. Some better than others. There is nothing about them that would make you go mad or go on a murderous rampage. It is a shame that this delightful beverage is associated with such BS. For Morons like the last story of "Teen jailed for absinthe fuelled stabbing" .......hopefully we can put the blame where it is well deserved, away from a decadent beverage and more into the scope of the person being mentally ill to begin with, or being the subject of constant child molestation. Or a serious phallic issue.....with a name like "KINGDON" you'd expect a huge prick, and he probably couldn't deliver, someone called him out and bad things happened.....Absinthe was just an innocent victim in a penile hate crime.

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