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Let Us Not Forget!

-- By  Absintheman2 in  Usa on Sun, 16 Dec 2018 at 02:08.

As a maker of my own Absinthe, and no I won't divulge my recipe (sorry) that took many years to perfect, I would like to say that taste aside, there is one fundamental reason Absinthe was, and is, so very popular that most people either do not understand or have forgotten. And that is that when one drinks Absinthe they can feel the alcohol effects yet the mind is so (seemingly) clear and sharp that the alcohol effects are put aside and ones mind is apparently free of normal inhibitions and social restraints. Obviously the more Absinthe a person drinks the more free of inhibitions and social restraints the mind seems to be, yet free it is. It is akin to a cocaine high. Perhaps the 'perfected' Absinthe recipe is making a chemical similar in structure to cocaine itself, I am not sure, yet if you do real Absinthe made the correct way you will surely understand what I am talking about. If you want to get sloppy drunk and trashed you would do well to find another alcoholic drink. If you would like to experience an open, expanded, (yes) creative state of being while feeling mildly intoxicated from alcohol, then Absinthe (real, correctly made, Absinthe) is the drink for you. If you drink 1 or 2 drinks of Absinthe and don't understand what I described above you need to try another bottle of Absinthe. You will find a good one, there are many out there, that will give you the true Absinthe effect. Just know that if you read the above and can't identify with it, or it doesn't match your Absinthe experience, then you need to try another brand of Absinthe because you probably only drink flavored liquor.

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