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-- By  Rob in  Tennessee on Fri, 2 Feb 2007 at 15:39.

I've been drinking JADE brand absinthe for a while and the only effect I feel other than alcohol, is a very clear state of mind. Kind of like drinking Jagermeister and Red Bull. The "drunk" feeling is there, but the drowsiness and slurring is not present. I enjoy the JADE line because it can be guarenteed to be as authentic in recipie and taste as Pernod Fils, Edouard Pernod or C.F. Berger. I suggest PF 1901, Edouard 72 and Verte Suisse 65. In my openion, JADE is the ONLY true absinthe on today's modern market!


-- By  Nick in  us on Fri, 23 Feb 2007 at 09:22.

Where do you get it? I've always wondered how it would feel to drink.

Effects of absinthe

-- By  Kos in  Helsinki, Finland on Tue, 27 Mar 2007 at 07:23.

Can you buy Jade in Finland? I had a French absinthe and the effect of the absinthe was quite strong even with water. The alcohol in absinthe is difficult to sense behind all those herbal flavour, so it might be that which causes the absinthe effects.

I would like to try the Jade absinthe

question about absinthe

-- By  Declan in  County Mayo on Thu, 5 Apr 2007 at 11:24.

I would like to respond to Rob's point about the feeling he gets when he drinks absinthe. The effect he describes about absinthe giving a clear headed feeling is true. I enjoy writing, but I sometimes get writers block. I find that drinking a couple glass of absinthe really helps! Now, that's not the same if you drink any other high proof spirit. I guess that I would like to understand is why absinthe has this effect. I've read all about thujone, and it looks to me like nobody is real sure about what causes that "very clear state of mind"

Also, thanks to Rob for the recommendation :-)

Nice site

-- By  Valintino in  Unspecified location on Wed, 9 May 2007 at 01:11.

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

Green Fairy (my experience)

Editor's pick-- By  Thom in  Dallas, TX on Sat, 12 May 2007 at 16:03.

Green Fairy


Thom Young

It was that whore Emily that caused it. Drunk. I had never cared for that girl, but in her sheer arrogance; she caused it. It was my first introduction to the ‘Green Fairy‘. You can only dance with her so much; at least I could only stand a few waltzes. I ordered it through a mail order catalog magazine. It was an upscale liqueur shop in Paris, France. I did a little bit of research on it before sending my sixty dollars overseas. They converted the US greenbacks to Francs over there, or that’s what they claimed. It seemed such a chic thing to do; I was a writer after all. All the great ones had used it. I was just finding my place in the pantheon of artists and scribes of yester-year.

I already got drunk on beer or whiskey every night. I needed something else to boost my creativity; to get the proverbial juices flowing. I had smoked hash, it was good. I had heard that absinthe was a similar high. A few hours of reading at the Skillman Public Library, made me think it was harmless. I got one bottle; it would take about three weeks to arrive at my apartment on Lovers Lane. I passed the remaining weeks drinking beer and writing a few short stories. It was a countdown to bliss and destruction. For regular types, absinthe would have the same effect as a strong whiskey or gin; not for me.

I had suffered a stroke at age thirteen. It had changed my brain chemically. I didn’t think like normal people or at least I thought. My persona was different. Very Cosmopolitan. I didn’t get sad when others did. I never laughed at normal humor. I chose those awkward times to let out a burst of laughter that offended others. It worked well with the ladies until about the third date; then the usual no communication or broken date. I was delighted to see my package arrive one October evening. I had spent the previous night drunk on Schlitz down at the Barley House. A drunk was excited to see more booze arrive in the postal box.

Absinthe was different. It had wormwood in it. I guess that is why it was illegal in the US; the FDA had freaked out back at the turn of the century. This was due mostly towards a bad reputation it had gotten thanks to the California wine makers. Absinthe was getting popular; and the grape whores were losing money. They didn’t want competition, so absinthe turned into bottled poison overnight.

I just wanted to try it; at this point in my life I had little to look forward to anymore. I had studied the ritual of drinking it. It was a ceremony that entailed ice water, sugar-cubes, and a silver spoon with slits in it. You placed the sugar-cubes on top of the spoon over a glass, and then you dripped cold ice water on the sugar until it fell through the spoon into the glass. This was the correct method. Amateurs set the sugar a blaze and then dropped the cubes in the glass. Blasphemy. I decided to have the ritual that night after work. I was working another shit job at a bookstore. The fairy couldn’t fly here quickly enough.

I had set all the ritual objects out on my battered coffee table. They would await my arrival about nine that evening. The absinthe was dyed green; it wasn’t really green in its pure form or so I had read. The research was over; I was ready for my first glass. I set the mood, turning on my lava lamp and putting the Doors on the record player. I put a little more than an ounce of absinthe in the wine glass. At least the grape whores had one consolation. I put the sugar cubes on top of the spoon. I slowly dripped ice water on the sugar, watching with glee as the water dripped into the absinthe. Hemingway smiled.

I let my glass sit awhile. This ritual was time consuming, but yet fascinating. I was easily fascinated. The absinthe had turned a milky green color. This was called the louche. I had completed the ritual perfectly. I pulled the glass to my lips and took a nice snort. It was licorice tasting and had a mild herbal flavor. I wasn’t too impressed with the first glass. I completed the ritual again for a second glass. The Doors played ‘The End’; Jim could set a mood.

The second glass was better. I got a warm feeling in my whole body. It was different from a beer buzz or whiskey high. I stared at the television for an extended amount of time. I seemed to see right through it. I realized that I had wasted years of my life staring at an idiot box. I soon felt sleepy. I passed out on the couch and finished the glass. The next day, I felt good. There was no hangover. I really enjoyed my first absinthe experience. I made it a regular routine that whole week. I came home from the bookstore, and drank two glasses before bed.

The second week wasn’t as good. I woke up with a throbbing headache. I took some aspirin, this only made it worse. It was a brain squeeze. I had some sort of allergic reaction to the absinthe. My mind ran the gauntlet of the worst possible scenarios. I was going to die. My head would not start stop throbbing, a train was beating my skull with a sledgehammer. Most normal citizens would stop, I didn’t. I drank two glasses every night; more absinthe would solve the headaches. Such logic had gotten me in trouble in the past. I could drink another shot of whiskey. Sure, I’ll have another glass of rot gut. I can drive perfectly after eight pints. It’s a good sign that I puked. Drunks only hurt themselves, mostly because they hate reality.

I awoke one morning to find my head still hurting and the left side of my face numb. I was having another stroke. I was dying. He was a good man. He lived a good life. He was the best book clerk around. His few friends enjoyed him. I stumbled out of bed, and called my boss. It was four thirty in the morning. I had no concept of time. I wasn’t going to work today. My boss almost sound concerned, even though it was early. I called my brother next.
“Hey brother, I think you better take me to the emergency room.”
“What?” “Are you alright?”
“My face is numb.” “I have a splitting headache.”
“Okay, I’m on my way.”

The clock read four forty three. My brother hauled ass down the toll road. We were at Parkland hospital in no time. I described my symptoms and they took me to a bed. There was a shitty ER doctor working the graveyard shift. They all jacked off when the found out my medical history. They set up all kinds of tests on my brain. I had the works. The MRI, CAT scan, chest X-ray. I was in for a day of fun. My brother sat there patiently waiting while I played the role of lab rat. The doctors had seemed more enthralled with my past medical records.
“Did you have stroke at age 13?”
“What caused it?”
“I don’t know.”
“How old were you again?”
“Wow, I’ve never heard of that before.”

This went on almost every time a new quack came in. The fat Mexican nurse poked an IV in my arm. She stabbed a nerve. They prided themselves on their training of nurses. After all the tests, the doctor cleared me to go home. I still had a headache. My folks called several times and talked to my brother. I loved my family.

I was due to follow up with a brain doctor in a week. I never went. I didn’t pick up the phone. I knew it was them calling. I didn’t drink absinthe again. My headaches went away, and I didn’t have another stroke. I was going to live. It was nothing but straight ways from here on out.

One night after a shit day at the bookstore, I stopped to check the mail. I had a letter from Emily.
‘I hope you stopped drinking.’
There was still some green fairy left in that bottle back in my apartment.

The End

Oscar Wilde Absinthe Quotes

-- By  Susie in  Earth on Sat, 23 Jun 2007 at 22:56.

Oscar Wilde (who in case you didn't know, was QUITE the absinthe enthusiast) had quite a few interesting things to say about the Green Fairy:

"What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?"

"The first stage is like ordinary drinking, the second when you begin to see monstrous and cruel things," wrote Oscar Wilde of absinthe, "But if you can persevere you will enter in upon the third stage where your see things that you want to see."

"Absinthe has a wonderful color, green. A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world."

absinthe effects on me

-- By  carl in  stockton on Tue, 31 Jul 2007 at 05:52.

the effects i get is light headed not even drunk and a sense of calm in all situations please email me back guys dupiaza@hotmail.co.uk

what will the third time be?

-- By  nephildevil in  belgium on Sat, 4 Aug 2007 at 06:31.

The first time i drunk absinthe, I was at my brothers place.
I found myself talking for hours to somebody who simply wasnt there. As that chair was empty, my brother said.
Later when I got back home my bedroom I somehow imagined to be a haunted dinosaur graveyard.
I had to climb over the graves and bones to reach my bathroom.

The second time i drunk absinthe, I hacked into my frontdoor with an axe...

The third and next time i will be spending a couple of nights in an ancient forest.

I just hope i return in one piece...

No Title

-- By  mutley in  weavers down on Sun, 5 Aug 2007 at 20:42.

i had absinthe once...burnt my stomach lining to bits...oddly...this comment is made from someone asking me to make a comment about absinthe fountains,due to a debate about the use of drugs in connection with artists creativity...i have felt this way all my life...clear view of existence...just did not want to ask myself questions...anyway...
...heres a quote..i made up today

life is a BIG project..i wish i had never started it...but now,i dont want to end it/////

No Title

-- By  dastrd in  Unspecified location on Sun, 5 Aug 2007 at 20:51.

..oh..just thought of something

..is the green fairy back?

look here

ethan andrew..on MYSPACE ..somewhere or other...

does it help??

Absinthe Impressions

-- By  Chris in  Sydney Australia on Tue, 18 Sep 2007 at 12:32.

I like to try new alchoholic beverages, in fact I like to try new foods or non-alcholic beverages as well, have tried Maruana and LSD (the LSD thing was not by choice a superman tab in the beer), did'nt like the LSD and the Maruanna gave a very minimal effect or an unpleasent one.

Love the taste of Absinthe, however it does have a dry after effect on the mouth and tounge that lasts overnight and most of the day, hav'nt had a headache from it and no hallucenations (Which is good as I am not looking for that type of experiance).

Yes, it does give clarity of thought I have had 200ml of the Green Fairy Absenthe over a period of 20 mins which reports as being between 7 and 9 milligrams of Thujone per litre, so that should equate to arround 2 ml of thujone.

I have been working on a programme for waying up the various factors of buying a investment property, and I have solved a number of issues that I have been working on in the last hour since I consumed the Absenthe.

So if you see a bottle in your local bottleshop/off-licence give it a try, a little bit like pernod, bit of a Aniseed taste.

how much do i need to drink?

-- By  ben in  troy, alabama, united states on Fri, 28 Sep 2007 at 21:22.

i am postin this message to find out how much it would take a 6'2 215lb guy that drinks a case of beer in one nite to feel the seemingly wonderful effects of this mysterious drink?

my experience

-- By  Isaace Fowler in  cleveland on Wed, 8 Sep 2010 at 18:42.

i love it. it is the best drink i have ever had. i feel like im flying when i drink it. my first time ever having it i was 18 at my freinds how and i had about three medium sized glasses. i felt so good it was amazing.

da ja vu!

-- By  Gary K in  Houston TX on Thu, 9 Sep 2010 at 22:35.

I was born in Louisiana. As a child each time I passed The Old Absinthe House in the French Quarter I felt a strange connection; as if I had been in that establishment on many occassions....truly compelling!
As a child my family and I would dine at Brennan's, where they featured the Absinthe Suissese, which on my 13th birthday I coaxed my father into letting me try one. Of course, it was made with Pernod and not absinthe, however the licorice flavor filled me with a warmth that seemed to come from my past. Later as an adult I traveled a great deal to Europe with my job as an airline F/A, where I finally tried my first real absinthe. It all came back. I was in The Old Absinthe House in the Quarter in a former life. It was the effect that absinthe had on me, allowing me to clearly see I had lived before in the Quarter, where I enjoyed the drink. Quelle eccletique!~
When I found absinthe was now legally available in the USA I was delighted. I am going to New Orleans soon just to see if I can get a real sazerac made with real absinthe, at the venerable Sazerac Lounge in the Roosevelt, and take a hajj to The Old Absinthe House in hopes they have several varieties for me to try, and a mixologist who truly knows how one should be made.


-- By  benito tays in  laredo tx usa on Wed, 15 Sep 2010 at 21:33.

i drank it and woke up the next day with 3 woman in my bed

Don't play with fire

-- By  space cat in  pacific canada on Sat, 25 Sep 2010 at 03:46.

I noticed the first couple times i drank absinth i would pass out and be asleep but yet my mind was still fully awake and aware enough for me to write down that i am asleep and snoring now

My personal experience

-- By  Rev. Ken S. in  USA on Mon, 19 Sep 2011 at 18:54.

Back in the mid 1960s while visiting friends in the south of France. While out about town with a few friends drinking beer my buddies bought me a glass of something containing Absinthe. It was bitter and seemed strong. Within a half hour I became extremly sexualy arroused. This arrousal lasted about an hour and a half or a bit more. In recent years here in the US I have tried absinthe without the same efects.

Meet the Green Faerie

-- By  Polishqueue in  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on Tue, 11 Oct 2011 at 18:07.

Let's face it... it ain't th' flavor...
And it ain't th' anise aroma...
It's the effect, stupid.

In the case of the liqueur called "absinthe" (or however you choose to spell it), the effect is both visual & appreciative, as well as, of course, psychological (i.e., the effect of the liqueur on one's perception of reality).

Visually, I personally believe that any absinthe that does not produce the "Green Fairy" should not be considered "true absinthe, no matter how much alcohol or thujone it contains. The "Green Fairy" is not just a euphemasism for getting drunk, nor is it some imaginary "something that only stoned people can perceive". It is simply a very profound effect of the chemical reaction that takes place under specific circumstances -- such as occur when true absinthe is diluted to the point where the substances carried over during the distillation process solidify at lower temperatures and precipitate out upon dilution to a leve below their soluability point. That's not so unusual, of course. It is, after all, the whole purpose of "chill filtration", as practiced by nearly all commercial distillers in order to allow their product to remain crystal clear, even when chilled by ice in the glass. In the case of absinthe, however, that "cloudiness", called "louche" by those who appreciate it, becomes a very desirable feature.

It is not, however, a feature unique to absinthe. Ouzo and several other liqueurs (including some of the finest bourbons and ryes) share the ability to cloud when diluted with ice-cold water. Unlike (most) of those, however, absinthe is bottled at a very high proof. 65% alcohol is common, and the better brands often are even higher. Bourbon, Scotch, and rye at those levels are pretty much immune from precipitants, but the herbs infused into absinthe allow the clear (or slightly green, if not artificially colored) liqueur to cloud to a translucent cloudiness. It is that cloudiness that is so appreciated by those who love absenthe.

Why? Because of the way the drink is traditionally served.

One does not, as is common with whiskey drinks, simply pour ice water into, or add ice cubes to, a glass containing absinthe. Whether you choose to use the sugar-cube-absinthe-spoon method or not, the idea is to add ice water to the pure absinthe VERY SLOWLY, while observing the reaction. If you just dump about three or four times the amount of ice water as absinthe, you'll get a SIMILAR reaction, but the Green Faerie will not be visiting your drink. The secret is to VERY SLOWLY dribble a stream (or even individual drops if you have an ice water decanter capable of doing so) JUST UNTIL the "louche" effect begins, and there becomes a distinct line between the clouding in the bottom of the glass and a very VIVID line of crystal-clear and intensely-green liquid floating atop the opalescence. In the very best of absinthes, there can be even a third layer of clear liquor BELOW the opalescent one. When you look down, you can see the subtle colors of the "loushed" layer THROUGH the emerald lens of the top layer.

THIS is the "green faerie".

If you are watching ice water dripping, drop-by-drop, into your second or third glass, you can even "see" the fairies "dancing" in the glass, as each drop penetrates the green layer. Is it hallucination? Optical illusion? Whimsey? Who knows... or cares. The effect (especially after two or three of these) is not subtle at all. In fact, the overwhelming tendency to notice things that one might otherwise ignore is probably the part of the absinthe experience that people liken to hallucinatory drugs. It isn't really "hallucinatory", of course. It's the same feeling that anyone who has consumed several ounces of 130+ proof alcohol would encounter, except that the other ingredients in absinthe offset the tendancy to fall asleep after inbibing that much alcohol. Artists love it. FRIENDS of ARTISTS, who otherwise may be too "civilized" to understand how artists really see the world, are often OVERWHELMED by the experience. I personally believe THAT, more than anything else, is the basis for this liquor's reputation.

So, if the slow, steady addition of ice water doesn't produce a multicolored opal drink with an 1/8th inch or so layer of clear and intensely green floating on top, use a different absinthe. Otherwise, stop right there (no matter what the water-to-abinthe ration might be) and drink it. Meanwhile, start another glass going.

Once you see the emerald layer in the second glass, if you don't see the "green fairies dancing" through it, drink up and begin the third glass. If you don't see them in the third glass, give up and simply enjoy being high. A fourth glass will not help you tonight; you'll probably see them next time. In case you didn't notice, at one drip at a time, absinthe is all about patience.

Absinthe is about revelation. Scarlett O'Hara's great revelation was that tomorrow is another day.
She was right.

Two Fairies and a Lost Hour...

-- By  Tony in  Southern U.S. Somewhere outside the French Quarter on Sat, 22 Oct 2011 at 03:29.

My first meeting with Her was a solo flight test before introducing Her to a friend ;-).
I prepared the first of what was to be a trio. After all, it was only 138 proof (GRANDE ABSENTE from France). What harm could come from 3 shots?
That first was so pleasurable that I didn't wait long for the next one. I poured the required amount. I lovingly pushed the corked top back into the bottle, the squeek caused a chill to run up the back of my neck. I put a sugar cube on the spoon, such a piece of art this spoon was! The water was perfectly chilled and ready. As I drizzled it over the sugar into the glass, my mind wandered to thoughts of the friend.
What would she think of me and another having fun without her? Too much distraction...
The la louche had taken effect and was beckoning to me.
Forty-five minutes later I realized that I was sitting front of the TV and had not moved. I could not even remember what was on or if I had even blinked! lol
As for the aphrodisiac effect of absinthe? Well, just ask Louise when you see her in The House in New Orleans...

What not to do

-- By  Bob Sanders in  Unspecified location on Sun, 23 Oct 2011 at 13:20.

Last night one of my friends brought a bottle of this "devil juice" to my apartment. By the end of the night i had drank about 10oz. of this stuff thinking that how much different could it be from wiskey or vodka. O how wrong i was, it was amazing feeling at first. But then everything started to feel wrong, just all wrong. I was laughing my ass off at the fact that i knew i was going to die. But to put a very long and painful night into a sentence, i thought i saw god and then i thought a saw the devil. Now that was the first time i had drunk that stuff and i can tell you know it will be my last time


-- By  AJ in  England on Sun, 6 Nov 2011 at 22:27.

Absinthe gives you a unique sense of purpose and clarity. You dont walk; you glide, you dont think; you know, and you dont feel; you sense. This is the very Human definition of a drug, but i dare you to feel exactly human after taking a proper hit from miss green fairy!

Left me yearning for more...

-- By  Tina in  Minnesota on Mon, 2 Jan 2012 at 16:15.

I just tried absinthe on New Year's Eve. I am a small person and don't drink very much. I had a couple of beers, sipped a shot of absinthe, and drank a couple of homemade Irish Creams over the period of about 6 hours. I was perfectly drunk. I will find out next time I try it if it was in fact the absinthe, but I had several spells of uncontrollable laughter to the point of tears streaming down my face to which nobody else in my presence participated in. It has been a very long time since I laughed like that and it was awesome! Also, I was outside at midnight watching some fireworks being lit off and it had just snowed a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow which is a beautiful combination anyhow, but it was so beautiful to me that I lingered outside to enjoy nature and the surroundings for a few minutes after everyone else went back inside. I felt awake and alert and content when I normally feel sleepy from alcohol. I also didn't really have a hangover yesterday. I have a very strong urge to try it again. The urge is scaring me. I have never felt this way before about any form of alcohol and have never been addicted or a regular user of any drugs or alcohol. I think I liked it too much.

It's a slightly different feeling than being drunk

-- By  Ryan in  New York on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 at 09:25.

I'm not sure if it's a placebo effect or not, but I do feel different. I wouldn't say that it's due to the higher alcohol content of absinthe, either. I dilute it down to the recommended amount, and I don't see the hallucinations or other crazy effects people describe, but I definitely feel more clear headed, buzzed, yes.... but not in the way where I get overly emotional or confident with normal alcohol. I'm on my 4th glass now and I feel calm and aware. Does anyone know of a legitimate reason for this, or is it a placebo? Don't be afraid to be too technical: I am a chemical engineer. If it is indeed the Thujone, please explain why. If you haven't tried absinthe yet, don't obsess over what others say, just try if for yourself!

Wanted: Your personal experiences.

-- By  Curious me in  United States on Thu, 12 Jan 2012 at 20:25.

How much absinthe is the appropiate amount to consume for a first time drinker such as myself? For quite some time I've wanted to experience absinthe. I am making plans to travel to Canada where is is legal. I've read, researched and am ready. Could you please suggest a proof and quantity for someone as "green" as myself? I understand the effects differ by individule to individule. Yet, maybe a few people can talk about the effects of absinthe in their own personal experiences. Thank you in advance!

absinthe get magic

-- By  In the clouds in  Val de Travers - Switzerland on Sat, 10 Mar 2012 at 05:22.

I am from the valley where absinthe was reinvented and produced despite prohibition : Val de Travers in Switzerland.
when drinked with tradition (iced water put drop per drop thru a sugar) if the liqor is a real one and just distilled with the simple original recette italiques isme fantastic.
Even with one single bottle you can prépare tens of différent beverages : just modifié quantité of sugar, liqor and water.
You get from extra bitter to extra sweet.
Strong to light ...
You get from extra lucid mind to ... deep sleep.
Up to You to choose !!!

Just use traditionnal Absinthe ...

enjoy ...
with spoon and fontain it isme just magic.

Century Absinthe Review

Editor's pick-- By  Matt Summers in  Stony Brook, NY on Mon, 7 May 2012 at 10:36.

With the current environment being how it is, I almost didn't do this review. But, then again, I don't expect the current environment to change anytime soon...so why not?

My whimsical purchase of Century Absinthe came directly on the heels of the folks over at L' Absinthe Rend Fou challenging a distiller of thujone-free, made-for-America "absinthe" to a debate. Add the fact that they have also taken to liking Century Absinthe and you have conspiracy! Those dirty bastards! Not really, but this was the line thrown by a Swiss Absinthe PR man to the boys over at Absinthe Lounge. But I digress, it's about damn time to proceed with this review.

Let's start with some facts:

Now, 200 bucks is a lot to spend on a whim. Especially with absinthe since, to be frank, you never know what you're going to get (ie. do your personal tastes jive with the reviews, etc.). Hell, I'd go so far as to say that if you're spending over 100 you should be damn sure you know and/or like what you're getting yourself into. But that's just me. (Yes, King of Spirits Gold, you can fool me once, but can you fool me twice? More later).

With Century, I didn't know what to expect. High thujone! Rare! Decadent! so much to ponder while I waited for my order to arrive...


Upon arrival I got down to business. They had mentioned a "recommended" serving method earlier via a customer service email so that, I thought, would be the first route to take. The method is as follows:

Fill tumbler with ice, pour a shot of Century over ice. Slowly add iced water to taste. Simple and already good, this is how I drink my Wild Turkey.

I waited to let the appropriate chill take hold, the louche develop, and then I began the sipping process.


Anise was present in both taste and smell (although not overpowering), the alcohol lived up to its 110 proof by giving the appropriate warming sensations, and the wormwood bitterness was...not really bitter at all. This joker was smooth!

Amazed, I let the moment turn over a few times in my mind, then took another sip and discovered that it was even more enjoyable the next time, and so on and so forth until I had emptied the glass. Then I waited.


Century boasts 100 mg/per of thujone, what will happen? Will anything happen? Is this all hype? Are the "I've had all sorts of thujone drinks and none of them have done anything because thujone don't matter!" arguments true? What about the secondary effects? So I waited and carefully analyzed what would happen next.

A calm came followed by a general alertness and sense of well being. The pain, caused by a stiff neck, was dimming. But there I was, fine and not even close to buzzed by alcohol. Interesting. Were these the secondaries? I can't say, other than I know alcohol doesn't affect me in that manner.

Now, in the name of wild experimentation, I had my friend come over the next day. I was drinking other absinthe (La Fee) and I poured him some Century. Without knowing which bottle he was drinking from (blind taste tests rock), he would later on discuss similar effects as had been experienced by me the previous night.

Whether or not this is because of the thujone, wormwood, whatever: I'll leave it up to you to decide. I know what I felt and I trust one of my closest friends to know what he felt as well.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, I can tell you that Century is an amazingly smooth drink, one that could easily replace La Valdetre as my sippin' absinthe. Only two factors stand in my way: price (it's a rare day when I bust out over 200 bucks for anything and this is no exception--although I'll probably always keep a bottle on hand) and short supply (from what I hear, Century is made in incredibly small batches).

I'll be putting more out later as this brand intrigues me, but that's all for now.

a mountain herb to drink

-- By  Sharon Kabanak in  Yukon Territory on Sun, 10 Jun 2012 at 23:56.

I would like to say that I am familiar with making this plant remedy on a hot summer day, in my yard in front of the pure glaciar water of Kluane Lake. I do plant walks and berry picking with visitors. I have not found any kind of mind altering feeling from this but, wouldn't mind to find out how europeons make the liquor. I actually make a delicious tea for sick people. One time I made a tea for an Elder who had pneumonia and was bed ridden. When he drank the tea; he got out of bed , left his home by skido and took off to run his trapline.Maybe that's the wild feeling coming from the plant decoction of the tea. Who knows?.Would anyone be interested in an exchange of plants for recipes?

My nite w da green fairy

-- By  Peanut in  Atl on Thu, 28 Jun 2012 at 04:00.

I drunk this for the first time with a buddy of mine and I say this dtink is dangerous if you are not careful long story short I blacked out before I left his house drove to the city came to for a few minutes and blacked out again den came to again In a different part of the city bt im gonna drink it again to help with my writing

Essential oil of Artemisia absinthium

-- By  chris in  marseille on Wed, 18 Jul 2012 at 10:59.

I bought it on amazon and I'm wondering if a can consumme it on a sugar ?


-- By  C3 in  U.S.A-PA. on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 at 11:13.

Just like the difference between "having sex" and "making love";....Absinthe is not at all like other hard drinks where with them; the main goal is to get them down one's neck as quickly as possiable to by-pass their harsh,burning and unsavory tastes merely to get as drunk as quickly as one can; and experience the sensation of "shutting one's mind off" only to enter a state of "stupidity and amnesia".....followed hours later by the inescapable HANG-OVER!!!.............Whereas;with Absinthe....It is a "magical-elixer"----intended to be cuddled and carressed; for it's imbibers to carry-out a "Ritual"- with sugar and spoon; to observe it's "Transformation",and to then "Partake" of this mystical drink not merely to escape from One's Life or Reality; but instead......TO EXPIERIENCE Life and to realize that "Reality" is multi-layered; multi-facetted and that there is no One Reality Respectively...............Absinthe is not meant to "escape from";.....but rather to "escape to"!!! Absinthe is unlike any other alcoholic beverage...it is not made in order to get one "DRUNK"........Absinthe is made to get one "DRUNK WITH LIFE"!!! As with anything in Life;.............ENJOY WITH MODERATION!!!

Viola!! Graci la nonno

-- By  Carla in  Goodrich , Michigan on Fri, 30 Nov 2012 at 00:12.

When I was 9 I Remember working in my grandfather's Gardens , summer so sweltering, slow my legs felt like clay.
Grandpa would tell me (in italian of course) time to take a break. We would sit under his grape arbor I helped him build.Then for a moment he would disappear into the patio kitchen and come out with a tray on it was to frosted glasses, ice water and a strange bottle wirh a funny looking green liquid in it. Never any sugar, poured from the bottle into a glass of vitualy frozen water I recall that murky green color as he handed me my own glass he would say"cin donno bella mia" ( 100 years my beautiful ) I'm still enjoying this now. Grazi mi nonno!!! Ti amo

fairy wonderland

-- By  Jade Fae in  WV, USA on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 at 21:20.

don't laugh, but i just discovered that i could buy absinthe legally in the US. that some brands even have close to the same amount of wormwood as original not so legal out of country versions. so having said that, i purchased my very first bottle of absinthe.

they tell U patience is part of the experience, & it most definelty is. so much so i almost over prepared, but it was worth it to be hypnotized by the cloud rolling around in my glass.

of course i've read many books & plenty of movies before knowing i would ever get to try it for myself, so when i took my first drink, my thought was, i will just talk myself into believing whats been told, & over analyse it.

..not at all. my first drink had a warm fuzzy burn. very strong even after the water&sugar. but with that first drink, & no exaggerating, any lil bit of pain in my body, disappeared. that quick. like butter melting.

having felt something almost instanly, i decided maybe i better sip slowly. so i go to doin lil tasks around the house. well that did not last at all. they describe a clear-'headedness, this great ability to concentrate. what they dont tell U is U have a great ability to concentrate.... but only on one thing, & that one thing is whatever happens to suddenly catch Ur eye.

i was also expecting hallucinations, & uncontrolled laughter, but that wasn't so either. the tv is what caught my undivided attention & i couldn't stop noticing every little detail. it was like seeing things more vivid & pretty colors. & the laughter wasnt uncontrollable but laughing came more easily. a giggly feeling like good pot. just all around jolly.

what everyone suggests that my experience found true is its not a drunk at all. not like anything else i ever drank. no headache, no slurring, nothing. & maybe thats what they mean by the clear-'headedness, cause i wasnt hyper, yet i wasn't tired either. just a peaceful warm feeling.

now the best part (of course) is having sex & wow! having Ur head so devoted to just one thing, & being so calm, lets just say it preps Ur brain for the task at hand. oh & i mentioned better colors, well imagine what it does to Ur sense of touch& feel.

as it started to wear off, it wasn't quick like i expected. i just sorta slowly sank further into calm sleepness. & i think thats where they got the hallucinating part right. my dreams were bright, colorful, intense. it was like my own personal trip to pepperland.

also, i've had trouble sleeping all my life, but that night i slept 9 hours straight through. even with all the dreaming, my mind felt rested. the whole next day was better too. like a lingering feeling somewhere in the back of my head. colors were still vivid, i still laughed more easily, & nothing seemed too awfully concerning.

now i know everyone is like whatever, but this is my experience. i cant tell U what Urs will b like, but i can tell U that i will warmly welcome the green fairy many more times into my life. cheers & hoping whoever reads this just as much well-being from that lovely bottle of green magic.

Faery, Ferry, Ferie

-- By  Lord Plopington in  Kabouterland on Sun, 7 Jul 2013 at 21:55.

I enjoy my wormwood with wine, as a lover of wine and herbs this is my natural harmony between the two. Spirits, while enjoyed from time to time, often I find a bit strong for my tastes.

So I will soak my worm wood in wine or add an extract or just injest some raw herb and wash down with my water and wine.

I find it clears up the fog and lethargy of the wine and activates my mind. It's like retaining all the pleasant effects of the wine, while feeling rejuvenated at the same time. It doesn't cancel out the effects, it just makes ones head clearer and perhaps a bit more wonderous. Really a beautiful thing.

Truly condusive to poetry, music and thoughts of finer things.

absinthe buzz effect

-- By  Rawdon in  Cambridge on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 at 12:44.

Thujone is a naturally occuring element, some say gift, from nature. When the wormwood plant is cultivated and handled correctly it will deliver this natural buzz due to the effect of thujone acting against the effects of a high quality alcohol. This is quite unique and has been celebrated by artist and poets for many generations. This natural effect is not achieved by tampering with the end product and replacing it with artificial colours and fancy sounding brand names. How the wormwood is cultivated (at what height on a mountain etc) harvested (which parts of the plant are used) and dried (natural sunlight or synthetic) will all have an effect on the thujone yield. It is perfectly possible to arrange these factors and deliver absinthe that is low thujone, it is more difficult the other way around!

As for "seeing stuff", that's a more difficult question to answer, because everyone's experience is different. What I can say is that thujone is stimulative! It works on both mental and physical levels, affecting your perception of reality, your senses and physical sensations.

This stuff will make you well !

-- By  Tammy in  Spooner,WI, USA on Sat, 12 Oct 2013 at 23:34.

I have been drinking this now for about 3 years. The first time a friend of mine told me about it, I was kind
of scared to try it. He bought me a bottle and it took me 2 months to even try it. I had been in a state of depression for over a year
because my husband had died etc..... Anyway one night I decided to see what would happen. I do 1/2 shots from the bottle and at first the only thing I could find to get rid of the flavor in my mouth was a shot of mountain dew.

I also now just rinse with a swig of ice cold water or mountain dew, depending on the flavor of the bottle, because no bottle is the same, but I will say when you get a sweet bottle it is the best. I buy it at my grocery store once or twice weekly.
I drink the Absente refined version which is 110 proof and is 55% Alc/Vol-750ml size Dark green bottle.

I probably have over 400 spoons which I never used, but was going to make some sort of decor with them. So if your feeling out of sorts depressed, sick or just need some inspiration; this drink will do you a world of good. It also cleanses your kidney,liver and kills what ales you; For instance - I worked a Jack Links Beef Jerky and at work one time I got some meat in my eye when I was blowing out the packing machine and it would not go away for 2 weeks and kept getting more red every day.... I put some of this stuff in an eye dropper bottle and put it in my eye and in 15 min it was clear and white again. I WILL say though it DID burn like hell and brought me to my knees, but it was cured. Here's another instance, my buddy had a tick bite him on the ass and stayed there stuck in, well being the friend I am I cut his ass and after that poured absente on there and it burnt but it healed with no infection. That’s just a few things this drink can do, it is not JUST for drinking. So you go head on now and ENJOY!
Thank You / Tammy Mandalke / Have a Great Day ! (:-)>

first absinthe experience

-- By  derrick romstad in  chelan, washington on Sun, 8 Jun 2014 at 22:46.

For what it's worth, here is my first, and hopefully last, experience with Absinthe. It was served me without my knowledge, and I also think that the host of the party had little idea of what effects it could have. I was with 2 friends who were staying in a condo and we were there to attend a party later in the day. The day proceeded as follows:
3 pm – went to a brewpub with 2 friends and had a pint of 6.5% locally brewed ale.
4 pm - had a 10oz glass of 4.5% locally brewed ale.
4:30 pm – went to party in big house on a lake with pool and about 20 guests.
5 pm – sipped on a 6 oz glass of wine
6 pm – was served a drink called a “Duck Fat Sazerac” which was advertised as a whiskey drink popular in New Orleans and in the south. Tasted OK, not real fond of it, could taste fat and other weird flavors. At least half of the people there were served a Sazerac.
6:30pm – 7:30pm - went back to sipping ½ glass of wine and ate a plate of spaghetti.
7:30pm - It was light out, warm day, talking to a guest on the balcony overlooking the pool and lake, that's my last memory for about 2 hours. I've tried to recreate the events during this blackout period by talking to some of the people who were there.
8pm - ~9:30 pm – have no recollection of anything except that they say I was acting normal and talking to old friends.
9:30pm – about this time I apparently decided to swim in the pool and dip in the lake and maybe hot tub. Went out the front door, through parking lot to car, got bathing suit, towel, came back, walked down 2 flights of stairs to the pool. It was now dark out so I changed into my bathing suit at the edge of the pool. This was noticed by the hostess and since it was dark she got 2 people to try and stop the swim. My first memory since blacking out, very foggy memory, was being in the pool. After that I got out of the pool and tried to open the gate to the beach, except it was dark and rocky and they were holding the gate shut. Apparently I protested but they would not let me go past the gate. I was herded up the stairs to the balcony and sat for a while, talking. It was chilly and I wanted, apparently, to change back to clothes so got up and crashed into a screen door going into the house. At this point I was thought to be totally drunk. I recollect trying to walk through the screen door and not much else. Apparently, I was mad about not swimming and said I was going to drive back to town, 3 hours away. All I recollect was standing on a bare floor in swim suit with a lot of people around. The people left and I changed out of swimsuit in the middle of the living room with no one around, except there were people on the deck who saw it.
10pm – The hostess insists that I leave immediately with the 2 friends I came in with. According to those there I was not stumbling or slurring words but was acting really weird. We left and I crashed in a sleeping bag in the condo.
Next morning – came back to the house to get my car and apologized for making a scene and being so drunk. I could not figure out how I could have been drunk because I didn't drink much and had little to no hangover, but they convinced me that I was totally smashed and had experienced an alchoholic blackout.
Few days later – I still couldn't figure out the whole thing and decided to research the “duck fat sazerac” and found out it had Absinthe in it. Looked up Absinthe and realized I had experienced at least 2 of the effects of absinthe. The first effect was blackout, I was blacked out for nearly 2 hours with no memory at all except a fuzzy memory of being in the pool and then crashing into a screen door and then standing on a bare floor with a lot of people around. I sort of came to when I was being driven back to the condo with my 2 friends.
The second effect was single-mindedness, that is, the ability to clear ones mind and concentrate on one particular thing. I was concentrating on going swimming, regardless of anything else.

Absinthe in AZ

-- By  Pazuzuking in  New Mexico on Sat, 5 Jul 2014 at 03:33.

I had Absinthe in Tucson. Enjoyed it greatly.
Drink in moderation. Too much of any alcoholic drink can cause you to hallucinate. My thought process did seem sharper than with other alcoholic beverages I drank before.

What the . . . ?

-- By  Don in  western Canada on Tue, 4 Nov 2014 at 08:01.

Just tried absinthe for the first time, well into my 40s. Everything, EVERYTHING, became completely clear. No other effect I can think of. No mad rush of inspiration, or heightening of the senses. Just this clarity.

I was laying in bed trying to fathom this, and I couldn't. So I came online and found your site. It's astonishing, more in keeping with what I would expect from amphetamines.


-- By  nicola in  manchester on Thu, 1 Jan 2015 at 22:51.

I discovered absinthe in july 2014. I am now hooked on it. I love it��

It's not the absinthe,

-- By  Anders in  half way through a bottle on Tue, 31 Mar 2015 at 22:28.

It's not the absinthe, it's the alcohol. Or more precisely the effect of alcohol on the brain. I think it has to do with the rate at which alcohol enters the blood stream. Beer won't do it, but you'll get a similar hit from a large whisky, believe me.

No Title

-- By  Cindy scheele in  Richmond, In 47374 usa on Fri, 10 Apr 2015 at 21:12.

Would this have any effect in alzheimers? Sending neurons electrically charged?

I make the stuff

-- By  Fidel Naidoo in  South Africa on Sat, 10 Oct 2015 at 09:14.

As the title says, I distill Absinthe using my very spoilt home-grown herbs.
I love it.
My problem with Absinthe started when my wife exclaimed how beautiful something was : She has particular taste, and it is hard to buy something for her. I looked over her shoulder at the laptop screen and saw an absinthe fountain.
I knew not what it was, but tracked it down to Artemisia products in Germany, and bought it.
Then I bought Absinthe.
The cost !!!! ( 2 bottles is a labourer's monthly wage, in this country ).
So, I loved it, and bought the live herbs necessary, who are spoiled silly, and the distilling equipment.
And now, after 5 months of failures, I have perfected the recipe.
It is most drinkable, and has wonderful effects. I can only measure alcohol volume, I have no way of measuring thujone content. I just know I put a shitload of fresh wormwood into the maceration process.


-- By  Jacqueline holdcroft in  Stoke on trend England on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 at 19:37.

Can you purchase it in Stoke on
trent. I'm 49 and excuse my
bluntness, have tried many
things. But always wondered
about this. lol


-- By  Jacqueline holdcroft in  Stoke on trend England on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 at 19:46.

Can you purchase it in Stoke on
trent. I'm 49 and excuse my
bluntness, have tried many
things. But always wondered


-- By  Jacqueline holdcroft in  Stoke on trend England on Mon, 26 Oct 2015 at 19:47.

Can you purchase it in Stoke on
trent. I'm 49 and excuse my
bluntness, have tried many
things. But always wondered

Drink it in the Nature!

-- By  Nada in  Germany on Thu, 3 Dec 2015 at 14:30.

It was a day in summer. And I didn't expected anything. First I felt a bit sick, but it was gone after a maybe ten minutes. I was walking and my friend told me, that it will be better soon and everything will be wonderful.

That was it, what happened. It was a warm feeling inside, and I had to lay down at the gras. It was such a wonderful feeling, the nature around me, me as a part of the nature. Every Grashalm, every leaf at the trees... everything was One.

The bees flew so slow and I was talking so fast. Time is relativ - Einstein was right!
I always new, that the absinth opened my mind, so I knew, that i wasn't able, to put my hands through the clouds. But I felt like it, even if I know, it won't work.

I was one with the whole universe, everythink made sense and was good... it was me, just more of me.
Nature and Universe, this is what I love...
Freedom for every human and animal and the nature. And this is what I felt - it's possible!

It wasn't like being drunk. It was more, "opened". I saw, hear, smell, feel... what is real, but "more".

Two hours were gone, which felt like 15 Minutes! Than I felt, that I was getting back to "reality". I was a bit sleepy, because I think, the body worked a lot, to have this "opened mind". But it still was good.

I had no hangover, no headache or something like that, after being drunk. I just have the experience in my mind, the knowlage about myself, what really is important and everything is One (like "ontologica";-). It was a very thankful expirience vor me, for my life untill now... and I think, I will drink it again - the REAL absinth - but just in the nature! Try it! It's full of peace!

Different sort of feeling

-- By  Austin in  Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tue, 23 Feb 2016 at 01:47.

I first tried absinthe about a week ago. The words on the bottle stated "King of Absinthe Extra Strong Pure Artemisia Absinthium 184 u.s. proof 92% alc. vol."
First I smelled it and it smelled of black licorice. I then proceeded to mix the drink with one shot of Absinthe, a tablespoon of sugar, and filled the glass with water.
I had about 2.5 glasses. The feeling was different than a regular alcohol intoxication. I agree with what many others of said, it is a more clear headed feeling, not at all a tired or groggy feeling from traditional spirits. Colors were also seemingly more vibrant.

Life Lessons

-- By  Barb in  New Orleans, LA on Thu, 23 Feb 2017 at 06:55.

My first absinthe was King of Spirits brand, served in a shot glass...it was, without a doubt, the worst thing I could've possibly done. Felt like I swallowed a fire ball that left a numb trail down to the stomach...then, it almost immediately came right back up. Fairy knocked me on my butt..
It the ban hadn't been lifted, that would've been most likely my only absinthe experience.
When the ban lifted, I went straight to the Old Absinthe House for a proper introduction. At the time, it was magical. I picked the most expensive stuff on the menu, simply called "Pernod". One tasted, the magic was there. I absolutely loathe everything about alcohol but mostly the taste, and to my surprise, I tasted black jellybeans. Not a fan of black jellybeans, but I prefer that flavor to alcohol any day..when the glass was finished, and I popped out of that bar seat to leave, the French Quarter suddenly became a playground of sorts. A fearless, sort of preternatural feeling came into play. I suppose that was the "strange sense of clarity" . The absolute best thing was the complete lack of drunkeness, even after getting 3 more in my system at The Dungeon. I'm the first to getting sloppy drunk, usually getting sick and/or hungover. Didn't get sick at all. The headache the next morning was cured with a little seltzer water and some food...simple fix for a night of feeling invincible.
Since then, I've become Pernod's number 1 fan. Funny thing is, after happening upon this enlightening website, I realize they're not even performing a proper louche at the Old Absinthe House. You would think with its name, it would be traditional in its ritual...I was given the flashy fire ritual , couldn't even enjoy the colour change as the water was quickly added with a spray faucet (and it was cool at best). The Dungeon actually served it up in a whiskey glass, straight (by then, had I known better I still probably wouldnt have cared) .
Even with these methods, I enjoyed it immensely. I'm a sucker for tradition though and I kicked myself, seeing the true Louche for the basic beauty that it is. I've enjoyed the effects of every other method but the original method...I can't wait for my next absinthe night...

Tea high alcohol, good thing they dress but the Ducks are much more profound for me at . I actu

-- By  Pyxi Styx in  ERth on Sat, 20 May 2017 at 06:26.

My Way

-- By  James in  Texas on Thu, 11 Jan 2018 at 15:19.

Back in the mid 80's, I was in college and tending bar at a high-end club/hotel on San Antonio's Riverwalk. Heavy Metal was King, and there wasn't a great deal of...civilized drinking behavior going on. It was the Age of Excess, and we (myself included) loved it.
I did get a few regulars from Europe who wanted Absinthe and they quietly brought in their own bottles- I didn't ask, as-again- it was the 80's. One of these regulars taught me the various ways to serve it, and several of them gave me Absinthe in appreciation for my service. I found that I enjoyed it like so, myself: a double shot of Absinthe in a champagne flute, with 1/2 to 1 shot of Rumple Minze. Stand a sugar cube in maraschino cherry juice (only about 1/16" deep) until it wicks it all up and turns a uniform red color. Let it set for about 2-3 minutes to do so, then drop it in and add cold sparkling water to taste- I use color to determine the proper amount of water, aiming for a sort of golden green. (This takes some experimentation)

I came up with this over about a year's time, experimenting with various ingredients. "Purists" will scoff, but give it a try, you might be surprised.

I called it "Manslaughter in the Morning", as a sort of play on "Death in the afternoon".



-- By  TSz in  Minnesota on Thu, 7 Nov 2019 at 20:01.

I'd say Absinthe is a cross between a mild Mescaline dose taken with really good Codeine cough syrup.


-- By  idaemu in  usa on Sat, 1 Feb 2020 at 01:04.

I'm dying to try it. However, I have heart disease and take meds. Does anyone know about the interactions? Apologies for being a pedestrian.
thank you

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