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Absinthe ALWAYS Sets the Mood

-- By  Bethany in  Wouldn't You Like to Know on Sat, 23 Jun 2007 at 23:21.

As a woman, I think I can bring a unique perspective to this topic. Regardless of what science or anyone else concludes, I know that an evening of absinthe always puts me in the mood for a romantic encounter.

To get the full aphrodisiac effects of absinthe, I think it is very important to make the drinking of absinthe an event, not just an experience. If you and your partner gulp down a couple of glasses and expect to have an extraordinary evening together, you are going to end up disappointed. However, if you take the time to make your evening a special experience, no doubt will the Green Fairy take over Cupid's role for the evening ;-)

Guys, if you still need help, let me spell it out for you: Put a couple of comfortable pillows on the floor next to your fireplace. Get your absinthe and two cups and place them in the same area. Light the fire and turn on some music (smooth jazz is always a winner). When your special lady arrives, you can both sit down by the fire and begin your absinthe fueled evening. As the absinthe goes down, the conversation will continue to flow naturally, and before you know, you will both be under the spell of the Green Fairy!

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H. Deniset absinthe poster
Does absinthe possess any aphrodisiac powers? This remains a hotly debated topic, though this classic poster for H. Deniset, a Pontarlier-based distillery, does suggest the company of the other sex becomes more pleasurable under the wings of the Fairy. (Poster: Musee de Pontarlier)

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