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Absinthe ALWAYS Sets the Mood

-- By  Bethany in  Wouldn't You Like to Know on Sat, 23 Jun 2007 at 23:21.

As a woman, I think I can bring a unique perspective to this topic. Regardless of what science or anyone else concludes, I know that an evening of absinthe always puts me in the mood for a romantic encounter.

To get the full aphrodisiac effects of absinthe, I think it is very important to make the drinking of absinthe an event, not just an experience. If you and your partner gulp down a couple of glasses and expect to have an extraordinary evening together, you are going to end up disappointed. However, if you take the time to make your evening a special experience, no doubt will the Green Fairy take over Cupid's role for the evening ;-)

Guys, if you still need help, let me spell it out for you: Put a couple of comfortable pillows on the floor next to your fireplace. Get your absinthe and two cups and place them in the same area. Light the fire and turn on some music (smooth jazz is always a winner). When your special lady arrives, you can both sit down by the fire and begin your absinthe fueled evening. As the absinthe goes down, the conversation will continue to flow naturally, and before you know, you will both be under the spell of the Green Fairy!

Amazing Absinthe

-- By  Mark in  Melbourne, Australia on Mon, 23 Aug 2010 at 10:27.

My partner had heard about Absinthe and decided to give it a try, she had a capful mixed into a glass of lemon lime and bitters and vodka. Over two hours she had three or four of these and the results were amazing, the bottom line is I have never seen her so uninhibited and sexually self expressed, she just wanted more and more and was open to anything, she basically became a really horny, sexy being. She has never been like this just from normal alcohol. As a result we have become devout advocates of Absinthe and only use it on the odd occasion as I think she would kill me if we used it all of the time. (lol)

Long ago and now

-- By  Ken,th' ol' Desertrat in  El Paso Texas USA on Sat, 19 Nov 2011 at 06:10.

Long ago, about 1964 while vacationing in the South of France I was given a large glass of abbsinthe. I was sexualy arroused for about an hour. About two years ago I learned that absenthe was available in USA. I have become an avid friend of the Green Farie.I do not experience as much sexual stimulation as in 1964 but I am 80 years of age now. LOL. Todays absenthe does enhanse sexual stimulation and enjoyment a great deal. I am very pleased with my experiences this past two years. :-)

Is Absinthe an Aphrodisiac?

-- By  Dee Dee in  CA on Mon, 26 Dec 2011 at 09:26.

I recently returned from a Girls 50th Birthday weekend in Las Vegas, a group of 4 close friends celebrated turning 50 this year. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of the hottest restaurant/nightclubs on the strip and decided to check out the nightclub scene after dinner... Two of the ladies in our group took one look at the much younger crowd and decided that this just was not the place for them. On the other hand, the younger scene intrigued me...
so me and my friend decided to stay and check it out. It did not take long to get scooped up by the most beautiful specimen of a man that I have ever laid eyes on!! It was as if we had met or known each other forever, perhaps in another lifetime... the moment we laid eyes on each other the chemistry was so magnetic and intoxicating, we instantly started to make-out, he was all over me exploring my body from head to toe. I was so caught up in his seduction, I was spellbound, as far as I was concerned we were the only people in the club. I was completely sober during this encounter... He asked me what I would like to drink, I said I will have whatever you are drinking~ Absinthe
Such a magical Green Fairy she is, I have truly met my match for 2 glorious days this 25 yr old perfect specimen kept me satiated. Looking forward to our next encounter ... He will be coming to CA. on a business trip next month ;-)

Forget Viagra

-- By  Robert in  London, England on Mon, 24 Sep 2012 at 13:32.

I first tried Absinthe a few years ago in Spain with the wife. We literally had sex all night, all over the resort and i had an erection like a 15 year old, as soon as it was down it was up again, It would not go away. The wife was wild.. Highly recommended for wild nights!

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H. Deniset absinthe poster
Does absinthe possess any aphrodisiac powers? This remains a hotly debated topic, though this classic poster for H. Deniset, a Pontarlier-based distillery, does suggest the company of the other sex becomes more pleasurable under the wings of the Fairy. (Poster: Musee de Pontarlier)

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