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Amazing Absinthe

-- By  Mark in  Melbourne, Australia on Mon, 23 Aug 2010 at 10:27.

My partner had heard about Absinthe and decided to give it a try, she had a capful mixed into a glass of lemon lime and bitters and vodka. Over two hours she had three or four of these and the results were amazing, the bottom line is I have never seen her so uninhibited and sexually self expressed, she just wanted more and more and was open to anything, she basically became a really horny, sexy being. She has never been like this just from normal alcohol. As a result we have become devout advocates of Absinthe and only use it on the odd occasion as I think she would kill me if we used it all of the time. (lol)

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H. Deniset absinthe poster
Does absinthe possess any aphrodisiac powers? This remains a hotly debated topic, though this classic poster for H. Deniset, a Pontarlier-based distillery, does suggest the company of the other sex becomes more pleasurable under the wings of the Fairy. (Poster: Musee de Pontarlier)

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