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Long ago and now

-- By  Ken,th' ol' Desertrat in  El Paso Texas USA on Sat, 19 Nov 2011 at 06:10.

Long ago, about 1964 while vacationing in the South of France I was given a large glass of abbsinthe. I was sexualy arroused for about an hour. About two years ago I learned that absenthe was available in USA. I have become an avid friend of the Green Farie.I do not experience as much sexual stimulation as in 1964 but I am 80 years of age now. LOL. Todays absenthe does enhanse sexual stimulation and enjoyment a great deal. I am very pleased with my experiences this past two years. :-)

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H. Deniset absinthe poster
Does absinthe possess any aphrodisiac powers? This remains a hotly debated topic, though this classic poster for H. Deniset, a Pontarlier-based distillery, does suggest the company of the other sex becomes more pleasurable under the wings of the Fairy. (Poster: Musee de Pontarlier)

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