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Is Absinthe an Aphrodisiac?

-- By  Dee Dee in  CA on Mon, 26 Dec 2011 at 09:26.

I recently returned from a Girls 50th Birthday weekend in Las Vegas, a group of 4 close friends celebrated turning 50 this year. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of the hottest restaurant/nightclubs on the strip and decided to check out the nightclub scene after dinner... Two of the ladies in our group took one look at the much younger crowd and decided that this just was not the place for them. On the other hand, the younger scene intrigued me...
so me and my friend decided to stay and check it out. It did not take long to get scooped up by the most beautiful specimen of a man that I have ever laid eyes on!! It was as if we had met or known each other forever, perhaps in another lifetime... the moment we laid eyes on each other the chemistry was so magnetic and intoxicating, we instantly started to make-out, he was all over me exploring my body from head to toe. I was so caught up in his seduction, I was spellbound, as far as I was concerned we were the only people in the club. I was completely sober during this encounter... He asked me what I would like to drink, I said I will have whatever you are drinking~ Absinthe
Such a magical Green Fairy she is, I have truly met my match for 2 glorious days this 25 yr old perfect specimen kept me satiated. Looking forward to our next encounter ... He will be coming to CA. on a business trip next month ;-)

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H. Deniset absinthe poster
Does absinthe possess any aphrodisiac powers? This remains a hotly debated topic, though this classic poster for H. Deniset, a Pontarlier-based distillery, does suggest the company of the other sex becomes more pleasurable under the wings of the Fairy. (Poster: Musee de Pontarlier)

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